Japanese Restaurant FUJIYAMA
Our Recommendations

サーモン寿司 Salmon Sushi
Rs.550 (わさび醤油、味噌汁付き)

Salmon Sushi with Wasabi and Miso Soup

カツ丼 Katsu Don
Rs.360 (味噌汁、お新香付き)

Bowl of Rice Cutlet Topped by Egg with Miso Soup and Pickle

手打ちラーメン Ramen

Japanese Soy Sauce Taste Noodles

海老天ぷらうどん Tempra Udon

Noodles Soup with Prawn & Veg Tempura

カツカレー Katsu Curry Rice
Rs.450 (サラダ付き)

Japanese Curry Rice with Cutlet

みそラーメン Miso Ramen

Noodle Soup and Mix Vegetable with Mincemeet, Miso Flavor

蒲焼き丼 Kabayaki Don
Rs.380 (味噌汁、お新香付き)

Bowl of Rice Topped by Grilled Fish with Sweet Sauce with Miso Soup and Pickle

すきやき Sukiyaki

Beef Meet, Mixed Veg. with Noodle Soup

海老巻き Ebi Maki

Prawn Roll Sushi with Miso Soup

冷やし中華 Hiyashi Cyuka

Cold Noodle with Meet and Vegetables

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